The Event

SwingCouver is moving New Year’s weekend in Vancouver Washington USA.
Boasting one of the top lineups of pros, DJs and attendees in the World!
2022 will mark our 11th year and we can’t wait to share our crazy
awesome weekend with all y’all!  So stoked!
Sarah, Kyle and The ‘Couver Crew

Why You Should Attend

~Weekend Highlights~

  • Levelled workshops

  • WSDC  sanctioned event

  • All Star/Champs J&J Challenge (Winners dance in the NON-WSDC Jack & Jill Final)

  • All American themed Jack & Jill (Friday Night)

  • Saturday Night Themed New Year’s Party

  • Free Beginners Classes .aka. ‘Couver Classes

  • Thursday night pre-party

  • Epic Sunday night wrap party


‘Couver Classes:
~Fundamentals of West Coast Swing~

These classes are the FREE beginners track for the weekend – No pass required! This level is geared
towards the newer dancer and those looking to fine tune their fundamentals in West Coast Swing.
Top level instruction of basic timing, connection, and patterns will ensure your comfort
level for social dancing throughout the weekend and after the event.
*Beginners to advanced dancers will benefit from the opportunity to take this level

Level 2 Social:
~Furthering your dance~

This level is geared towards the novice to intermediate social dancer. Students should be comfortable on the social dance floor and have a good understanding of all basic patterns in West Coast Swing. Here you will learn techniques to further your musicality, partnering skills, and advance your fundamentals in West Coast Swing.
*Novice to Advanced Dancers will benefit from taking this level.

Level 2 Competition:
~Finding that inner spark~

This class is designed to help us take a look into what we can do to be more successful on the
competition floor! Teachers will cover some of their pet peeves and exactly what they’re looking for!
Please note that you do not have to have competed before in order to take this class!
*ALSO…this class is limited in size, so we will be asking everyone to leave the
room at the end of each class, in order to give an equal shot to all to attend this level!

Level 3:
Kickin’ A** Eh’

This level will be geared towards the high intermediate to advanced dancer. Students need to
have qualified for the intermediate division for WSDC competitions or attend the audition for
those non-competitors or advanced social dancers.
Workshops will be faster paced with advanced concepts and application of musicality,
connection, footwork, and pattern structure. Our world champion instructors will be teaching
the tools they have developed through their experience of dancing and competing at the
highest level of West Coast Swing.

Level 4:

Pushing your boundaries

This level will be aimed at the high Advanced or “All Star” level dancer. You can pre-qualify for
this class, if you have earned advanced or All Star WSDC points within the past 3 years. WSDC
points ARE NOT REQUIRED to take part in this class, anyone can audition for any level!
This level is designed to push you to your limits! Our top notch instructors will take you
through some of the most advanced concepts in our dance. Creating different points in your
connection along with some of the most intricate technical aspects of our dance. Use of
dimension and speed in our dance will also be looked at!
*Get ready to push your boundaries!

Audition information:

Auditions will be held at the beginning of the the first leveled workshops in the pre-qualified
level room and Saturday Morning at 9:30am  for those dancers who don’t meet the point
requirement to take their desired class.
The instructors who will be teaching levels 3 and 4 will be at the audition and will know if
the dancer is ready for the material they have prepared.
Auditions will be held in a relaxed and non-intimidating “Jack & Jill Style” heated format.